Trouble Identifying The Right Road-Bike For Your Needs?

The budget is always the first thing to be worked out. Yes, this is a tough job, but it’ll help narrow down the choices of bikes considerably. Extra costs include buying items like gloves, helmet and apparel. There might be a need to buy specific shoes, glasses and clip-less pedals too so all these must be kept in mid while determining the overall budget for buying a road bike. Also remember to put the quality and purpose ahead before choosing a road bike. If the bike is above your budget yet good on features try second hand road bikes by TheRacery.com. With many health benefits it is best not to compromise on the quality. Check https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/cycling-health-benefits to understand the health benefits of cycling.

Tools Other items such as puncture repair kit, lock, light, tyre levers etc. might also be needed so these tools must also be kept in mind while considering the budget.

Maintenance A little amount of money from the budget must be held back for maintenance; tires, chains and breaks might need a replacement at some point, and this money could help in that.

Place to Buy Local bike shops are a good place to buy the bike when long term warranty and after sales services are considered. The staff must be able to help with selecting a bike and also could provide advice in which bikes are better.

Research It is important to do some research to know the best bike that fits the budget. Most shops try to sell the previous year’s stocks and they often tend to offer deals depending on the time of the year.

Best Deals A lot of good deals can be found on the internet; but if the decision is made to get the bike online, then it is wise to save some extra money for servicing the bike as it cannot be sent to the seller for servicing. This can only be done when the bike is bought from local shops.

Buying from auction sites Auction sites like eBay are another option for getting cheaper bikes online. However, this can only be done when there is extensive experience with the mechanics of the bike. The customer should know someone who could help with servicing as most bikes in auction sites are used ones and would definitely need servicing.

Frame Material There are different frame materials to be considered in a bike; alloy, Aluminium, steel and carbon. The frame material of the bike is hugely based on the price of the bike. Aluminium or steel bikes are affordable. Oversized Aluminum tubing can be seen in the affordable price range. However, as the price increases, there will be carbon in the fork and it could also be present in few portions of the frame. Steel is easy maintenance, as long as it is not let to rust. Aluminum can take hard knocks but after 3 years of use it needs more maintenance as its life is limited. Carbon, when used carelessly, could crack and damage the frame.

Gear System Internal gears require less maintenance. There are many models and vary between 3 gears to 14 gears but this will make the bike heavy and the cost increases. Derailleur gear systems are most widely used as they are lighter and offer up to 30 gears. The drawback is the maintenance. As they are exposed to elements, frequent maintenance is required.