The Choice Between Stainless Steel Flask And Pewter Flask

The history of flasks goes back to the middle ages when fruits were used to fill liquor after cleaning the pulp out of it. This practice stepped up a notch in the 18th century when women had to use the bladder of pigs for smuggling gin. Over the period of time, the flask has evolved in its structure, material, and shapes.

Hip flasks come with a curved structure at the corners for easier usage, while pulling down to the front or back pant pockets and even in shoes. Based on usage and popularity stainless steel whiskey flask and pewter flask are the predominantly used flasks to store liquor. This link http://thewhiskyexchange.com/ provides the supportive information in choosing between stainless steel flask and pewter flask.

What one can expect from Stainless flask? Stainless steel is a steel alloy with minimum chromium content. They do not readily rust, corrode or strain when comes in contact with water. Hence it is the favored metal in making flasks in storing favorite liquor. A unique quality of stainless steel flask is, it can withstand rough handling and never loses the shining. The fact it can be easily cleaned and maintained adds to the hygienic reliability it promises. It gives long durability even it is dropped down after excess drinking. It is affordable to any class of people. These flasks are in varied colors, covering material and style.

What can be expected from the pewter flask? Pewter is a ductile gray metal alloy of tin with copper and formerly tin and lead. Pewter in several years ago were with higher lead content, which made it heavier, faster tarnishing and oxidation resulted in dark gray color. The retention property allows pewter to keep the liquid at the temperature just right. They were in extensive use in middle ages. It gives a classic look and is considered as the best in terms of investing on a quality flask since it never leaves a metallic taste in liquid, unlike other metals.

One of the important factors to be considered when buying this type of flask is manufactured date. Its usage since several years ago makes it comparatively a higher level of an antique piece. So if it is bought as an antique piece for gifting or self use, drinking in it should be avoided as old pewter contains a high level of lead. With all the advantages it has, the only disadvantage is that pewter never supports rough handling.

What are the do’s in using the flask for the first time? Stainless steel or pewter flask, both need proper cleaning before usage. If used without cleaning for the first time, the sediments left in it during packaging or manufacturing may alter the taste of the liquor in it. The proper cleaning method is to rinse the flask with hot water several times and then keep it dry it in air. Purified with an equal amount of water is used to clean used flasks. Soap should never be used to clean the flasks as even after cleaning the sediments will still remain to alter the taste of the alcohol.

Choosing a flask is to attract and impress other, rather than just drinking a flask is considered as a signature of one’s personality.